Holiday Season 2021!!

Dear Viseart Paris Lovers!

We have exciting news for you! Our lead designer Anastasia V. Sparrow created a limited edition 1920's themed collection for this very last season of 2021. 

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter — tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one fine morning…"

There is nothing more coquettish and coveted this winter than the sparkling and dreamy hues within our enchanting bite sized Petits Fours, our glamorous Étendu and sparkling Petit Pro Etoile! Our shimmering and glowing hues will draw you moth-like to the flame!  

Petits Fours Collection

Garnet, with our feverish thrilling and intoxicating tones… the rusts and the bronzes will warm up any winter day or evening!

Peridot reminds us of the mesmerizing "green light" with the ideals that artists and poets throughout the ages have been inspired by with their muses: the green light draws people in!

Sapphire, with its flirtatious and deep Parisian skies of blue and its enchanting waxing blue moon reminds us of the mystery of romance in the twilight.

Bullion, with its rich smirking flecks of gold and gilded satins... oh my!

Étendu Collection

Cashmerie is the perfect addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe! Both cool and warm-toned lovers will revel in the sublime blend and buildability of our immaculately crafted pans for subtle looks to a bold smokey eye. Our pans are designed to meet the demands of Pro Makeup artists by providing optimum, controllable saturation and a fabulous, color-true pay-off that can be built and blended effortlessly at your whim! The real beauty of Cashmerie is revealed when applied - no muddying, no patchiness, just caresses of luxurious perfection! Autumn has arrived with our TWO latest Ètendu palettes! Limited quantities available.

Bijouxette Étendu is a treasure trove of baroque baubles. This sumptuously rich collection of multifaceted gems will sparkle with joy and refract light on even the darkest winter’s night! Our iridescent and duochromatic shimmers in Bijouxette can be diffused into a soft candlelight glow and buffed into the lash line as a liner, or use a damp brush for a more striking pigmented finish. Our proprietary formula of shimmers, metallics, satins, and mattes are comfortable to wear, effortless to apply, and highly pigmented, giving you sensational, controllable color payoff. These shadows are designed to give you full control. Bijouxette Étendu brings the carefree sensuousness of the ’20s with our delightfully playful and effortlessly chic treasure chest of the richest jeweled hues to shake your tail feather in!

Petit Pro Paris Ètoile 

Petit Pro Paris Ètoile shines like the brightest star in the firmament - a constellation of smokey cool midnight mattes and cosmically lustrous shimmers. Our pans are designed to meet the demands of Professional Artists’ needs with optimum saturation and a fabulous and true color payoff that can be built and blended effortlessly. The true beauty of Paris Étoile is revealed when applied - no muddying, no patchiness, just caresses of true to color luxurious perfection!